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Holiday Round Table Discussion at Barcelona Restaurant.

Hygiene Program “Enhancing Your Presentation Skills and Achieving a Higher Level of Acceptance”” at the Wolferts Roost.

Dr. Francisco Banchs  speaking to the study club on “What the Most Modern Approach to Endodontics Entails” at the Black & Blue.

Dr. Guy Gialanella , speaker Dr. Rick Roblee, & Dr. Tim Esmay at “The Next Generation of Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy (IDT): Digitally-Empowered with an Airway Focus” at the Fort Orange Club.

November 2019 “Co-Discovery: What, When & Why” with Dr. Paul Henny

March 2018 “Treatment Planning and Treatment Execution – A Case-Based Study Approach for the Restoration of Teeth and Implants”  with Dr. Neil Starr

September 2017  “Train Your Brain for Success” with Mr. Robb Zbierski


October 2017   “State-of-the Art Concepts to Assess Implant Receptor Sites for Immediate Extraction, Immediate,Delayed Loading, and Bone Grafting Protocols using 3-D Imaging Modalities” with Dr. Scott Ganz

June 2017 Practice Management Seminar with Larry Guzzardo at the Century House

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dentoalveolar Discrepancies with Maxillary Zygomatic Anchorage and Dentoalveolar Distraction Osteogenesis Seminar


2015 SSC National Symposium, Amelia Island

Embracing the Interdisciplinary Team Approach Award- Dr. Todd Vaccaro


Cultivating Excellence in Comprehensive Dentistry Award- Dr. Michael DeSanti


National Symposium 2015 Amelia Island, FL

Symposium picture

New England Regional Seattle Study Club Wentworth by the Sea, NH

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Integrating the Occlusal Component Into Your Diagnostic Analysis Hands-On Seminar



Dr. Duarte Pursuing the Ultimate in Esthetic Composite Restorations Hands-On Seminar

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Dr. Duarte Pursuing the Ultimate in Esthetic Composite Restorations Hands-On Seminar