The Capital District Continuum for Advanced Dental Education (CDCADE) was formed in 2005 to provide exceptional education opportunities to our local membership; in the tradition of the Seattle Study Club.

The Seattle Study Club was founded in 1977, by Dr. Michael Cohen, in an effort to bring general dentists and dental specialists together, for true colleague-based learning. Members are dedicated to the twin ideals of team treatment planning and total case management.

This original idea has now grown to over 200 clubs across the United States as well as internationally. SSC meetings evolved into a format for shared continuing education which creates an effective dental “team”. This peer-based approach to learning ultimately benefits the patient as well as increasing referrals and enhancing the work experience for the team members.

The Goals of Capital District Continuum for Advanced Education are to Promote and Advance:

  • Interdisciplinary treatment planning as the foundation of ideal, comprehensive care for patients in the United States.
  • Peer-based, ongoing learning in the context of the Seattle Study Club model as the most efficient and effective way for dentists in the field to enhance their understanding of basic and advanced techniques and technologies, and to improve their ability to treatment plan and treat complex cases in the interdisciplinary setting.
  • Commitment on the part of dentists to achieving their full professional potential in becoming “complete clinicians” — those who are able to marry the science and the art of dentistry to deliver the highest and most beneficial level of care to their patients.
  • Enthusiasm and passion in dentists for the profession of dentistry, and a true understanding of the immense benefits dentistry can provide to patients seeking improvements in their health and beauty.
  • Professional camaraderie and the sharing of knowledge between and among dentists and the development of a professional and personal support network within the context of the study club.
  • A “university without walls” inside the Seattle Study Club, such that clinicians have ready access to leading dental authorities in a variety of fields, through their presentations at local Seattle Study Club meetings, their articles and cases published in the Seattle Study Club Journal, their participation in Seattle Study Club web sessions and their lectures and workshops at the yearly Seattle Study Club National Symposium.

The Mission of the Capital District Continuum for Advanced Dental Education Study Club.

Within the context of its goals, the mission of CDCADE is to offer clinicians educational experiences that exceed their highest expectations of excellence, and motivate them to learn more and do more for their patients and their profession.